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For me the ID session released the haunted house I was living in… the entangled shadows that have been feeding off my life energy. I feel yes, born again… and am finding that my energy to meet life in its mystery and awe is present in curiosity, creativity, and acceptance. I want to thank you and all the resonators for holding such a potent space with me. My work with all kinds of modalities relating to trauma, embryogenesis, epigenetics, IFS, prepared me on one hand for the revelation that occurred but also the implications are staggering and life changing in the deeper paradigm of how I see reality. Thank you again for the love of humanity made manifest in this beautiful way.

- Bodhitara

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How We Begin is Who We Become

This feature documentary, produced by the Institute's founder, Stephen Gyllenhaal, presents the evidence for how we can be shaped and become wounded in the womb. iD Sessions or Self Meetings work to uncover these earliest adverse experiences, and help us to deal with our trauma triggers, and ultimately diminish and even release the impact of these traumas on how we think, feel, and behave.  Through iD Sessions, we can rewire our brains and experience more fulfillment in our lives!


We are committed... making iD Sessions available to everyone regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ability, language or cultural background. 

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