The Institute is offering scholarships for the Facilitator Training Program (FTP) to interested individuals based on the following two criteria: 

  • Financial Need
  • Front-line Worker 

Preference will be given to those individuals meeting both criteria. The amount of the scholarship offered will range between 10% and 20% of the tuition for the FTP.

Financial Need

The Institute’s Mission is to make iD Sessions and iD Training available to people who are interested in it regardless of their life circumstance or personal issues. 

To apply for a ‘needs-based’ scholarship, applicants are requested to submit a 300 to 500-word essay outlining the following: 

  • Educational background
  • Family / living situation
  • Current job, if applicable
  • Any outstanding student loans
  • Career plans and fit with FTP

Front-line Worker

The Institute’s Mission includes bringing to light the importance of Early Trauma, and we want to support those individuals involved in the broader “care worker” field including therapists and social workers, as well as volunteers in such fields. 

To be considered for a ‘line of work’ scholarship, applicants are asked to submit a 300 to 500-word essay that covers the following: 

  • Current job or volunteer situation 
  • Length of involvement in the field
  • Details on the segment of the population served
  • Educational background and prior training
  • Career plans and fit with FTP

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iD sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy.