Experience an iD session for yourself!

Four options per month as Observer, Resonator, or Subject

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Let's start with a (not so) simple question:

What do you want?

STEP 1 : Think as hard as you want. Or don’t think at all. As the session begins, you will be guided to discover and put  "what you want" into a sentence. 

This sentence can be as long as you’d like. It can be word salad or it can be grammatically perfect. It can be symbols, a drawing – anything that pulls at you. There’s no right way, except your way. You can spend days preparing or make it up on the spot. You can believe that something important will happen or be convinced this is ridiculous. We are strong believers in skepticism. Be you. Feel you. Think you. There is no other you, but you. 

There is no other you

STEP 2: The Facilitator will invite you to pick three words from your sentence and then have you ask three people to "resonate" each word

Over 30 years of clinical work has proven that exploring three elements of what is meaningful for you in the sentence (or drawing, etc.) deepens the focus of the Session.

So, for example…

Once this is complete, everyone who is not resonating a word will leave the screen and observe. 

You will speak your sentence out loud and let everyone know when you’re ready. 

As the session unfolds, a second question will begin to emerge...

Who are you?

Step 3: Then the magic begins...


You may begin to see aspects of yourself in the resonators. You may also see qualities of important people in your life, qualities which have been embedded in your neurobiology and biology, and which may have helped or hurt you as your identity developed.

And because resonating is essentially non-verbal, the session may at times focus on non-verbal experiences, i.e., from before you could walk, talk, or maybe later in life – experiences you’ve forgotten or felt weren’t important.

Incredibly, some experiences may be from your time in the womb, at birth, in early infancy, when you were especially vulnerable. Without knowing it, these experiences may well have impacted how you’ve behaved ever since, especially if they were traumatic.

How it all works

You are a network of profoundly complex interacting systems including a nervous system, neural, ocular, bacterial, digestive, muscular, genetic, hormone, skeletal, cellular, blood and psychological systems, transmitting and receiving massive amounts of data (more complex than anything else on earth).

You have a psyche or inner world with which you interact with the external world. Our psyches keep a record of all our experiences. It serves as information processing tool, helping us to respond to the world and to take action(s). The psyche is also geared to support our survival. 

When confronted with trauma (big or small) your psyche brilliantly splits off and represses the negative aspects of any trauma. This way you can go on with your life. But, these parts of us don't die. They continue to live in their experience from the time of the traumatic event. 

Resonating  identifies and reveals these traumatized parts; it brings to light our wounds and damage. Often resonators are able report details about a trauma or adverse experience with startling accuracy. 

Uncovering what has wounded you and speaking the truth about it begins to set you free to heal and integrate. It starts to reveal how brave and lovable you have been from the very beginning. And still are.

Become what you want. 

From our experience, this growing awareness of your truth and love begins to change everything that matters.

Experience an iD session for yourself!

Three options per week, by donation, as Observer, Resonator, or Subject

iD Workshop Calendar
iD sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy.