The iD Method provides a groundbreaking tool for uncovering blocks to authentic expression and connection, inviting unparalleled access to the deepest aspects of human experience.

“Using the iD method allows my clients direct access to the subconscious conditioning and life experiences that underlie their biggest challenges."

- Angela Houlas, iD Facilitator

The Facilitator Training Program (Primary Training) is a comprehensive training in the theory and practice of the iD Method. As a participant, you’ll be meeting the deepest aspects of yourself, exploring how and why this “self” developed as it did, from conception until now, including touching on transgenerational issues. In turn, you’ll bear witness to your peers, as together you build the experience and skill to facilitate others in this innovative modality. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of personal learning or professional growth, participation in the Primary Training will enhance your ability to be with yourself, and in turn with others, in an exponentially more fulfilling, satisfying, and empowered way.

“This training has increased my capacity to hold space for clients in ways it is hard to define in words. I find myself listening and responding from a place of grounded spaciousness. Sessions are subtly deepened and the result is rewarding for both me and my clients.”

The entire Primary Training is conducted online, making it conveniently available for those in the North American/Hawaiian time zones. There are no prerequisites for joining the Primary Training; however, the Program is ideally suited for those who are already working with clients as therapists, coaches, social workers, or other change modality practioners.

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“As a coach, incorporating the iD method has been game-changer. In just a few sessions, I have seen clients gain new insight  and clarity about how Early Trauma impacted them directly. They have been able to experience peace and integrate issues that until now they have struggled to meet.” 
- Anarah Sharif, iD Facilitator and Instructor
iD sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. But we are strong advocates of therapy and work closely with many therapists and other certified practitioners.