Stephen Gyllenhaal


Founding Director - Identity Development Institute, Los Angeles

"This work is about the deepest parts of yourself and the challenges, traumas and wounds that have not allowed you to understand who you really are and what you really want."

Just as each of us develops both consciously and unconsciously, it seems true of The Institute as well. In my 70+ years, I have had the privilege of having access to nearly every “healing” modality of the last 50 years (primarily as a “patient’), which finally brought me to the power of the iD process, known in Europe as IoPT. 

Upon its discovery, and its incredibly positive effect on me, I sensed that this was to be my mission – carry this process across the Atlantic to North America. And like tending a miraculous plant, I’ve learned to let the Institute grow, increasingly with less help from me. Since the Pandemic, we’ve discovered iD sessions work wonderfully online, making this work far more available and convenient to anyone who wants it, especially in North America. 

I now believe there’s no reason to go through that maze of well-intended - but in my view, temporary - solutions that address symptoms rather than root causes. In my very first iD (IoPT) session, I got to the very root of what had caused me so much pain and bewilderment. And that has made all the difference, which is what I’ve also seen with so many others taking part in iD sessions. 

It’s been quite a journey for me. And that journey continues with increasing abundance and clarity. I wish you luck on your own journey. And if we can in any way be there with you, we’d be delighted! 

See part of one of my earliest iD sessions and read more here.