Malik Sharif

Malik brings with him a unique combination of skills and experience. He has a background in business consulting and coaching, that helps him to really listen to his clients. Malik work closely with the Institute's founder, Stephen Gyllenhaal, to help expand the Institute's operations. 

His passions though are education and self-discovery. Malik has been a seeker through his adult life. iD Work has transformed his life experience, and he now strives to live in accordance with iD Theory.

Malik likes to work with those who feel they grew up too early and missed out on their childhood, as this is part of his personal traumabiography. He also works with those seeking to enhance the quality of their primary relationships. Malik has been married for 25+ years to Anarah, who is also a Facilitator and Instructor at the Institute, and sees the profound impacts iD work has had on their relationship. 

Over time, as an active member of the Institute, he has contributed to the  curriculum of the Facilitator Training Program, and is an Associate Instructor.

"iD Work has deeply impacted by capacity for self-acceptance and self-love. I am more fulfilled in my life than ever before, and experience a deeper level of connection in my relationship that I couldn't have envisioned before. I am so grateful for 'the magic' of iD Work."

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