Nancy Greenfield, PhD

Nancy has been working in the Pre and Perinatal field since 1998 when she first began working with families and helping children, parents, and couples heal their early traumas. She holds a master’s and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with specialties in Pre and Perinatal Psychology.

Her focus has always been on early trauma and the youngest parts of ourselves that experienced and survived those early challenges. Her passion is to create a welcoming and healing space to meet and embrace these young parts so they can share themselves and become, once again, part of our lives.

To this end, she has developed an attuned capacity to connect with the parts of us that are forgotten and hidden. Additionally, she is very interested in the nature of illness as a further expression of our early traumas.  

Nancy is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, a Family Constellation facilitator with training in couples work and systemic medicine, and a specialist in the Vanishing Twin Syndrome.

"ID sessions enable us to reclaim our essential Self, Identity and Will; and with that, our capacity to be ourselves. Of all the many healing disciplines that I have studied, the ID Method is the most welcoming, loving and effective way of accessing and releasing the hidden places in us that keep us bound and unable to thrive.”
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