Nancy Greenfield, PhD

Nancy has been passionately and successfully working with pregnancy, children, parents, families, individuals and couples since 1998. Her love and specialty is to help her clients uncover and release the hidden and inaccessible parts of themselves that hold them back in life. These buried parts are really our heroes and heroines; and though they may hide at the core of the patterns that restrict us, they have actually protected and saved us. Finding and freeing them enables us to finally return to ourselves.

Nancy has a Masters and Ph.D. in Prenatal and Perinatal Somatic Psychology and Trauma. She is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist; a Family Constellation facilitator with training in couples work and systemic medicine; and a specialist in the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. She also has a specific interest in illness and helping her clients uncover the invisible dynamics that lie beneath their physical struggles.

"ID sessions enable us to reclaim our essential Self, Identity and Will; and with that, our capacity to be ourselves. Of all the many healing disciplines that I have studied, the ID Method is the most welcoming, loving and effective way of accessing and releasing the hidden places in us that keep us bound and unable to thrive.”
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