Marti Hughes

Marti is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of California, a Certified Somatic ExperiencingTM Practitioner and a Facilitator for the Identity Development Institute.  Marti graduated from Michigan State University with a Master’s degree in social work and has over 40 years of work and volunteer experience in a variety of settings.   As a social worker for 25 years in a public non-profit agency, Marti served as a facilitator of change, an agent of support and guidance for the children, families and adults served by the organization.

Marti is a lifelong learner inspired by the abundance of opportunity to better understand what it means to be a human being learning to be at peace with both the inner and outer worlds.  She brings an innate curiosity about the wonder of life and the mystery of each individual’s healing journey.  Marti’s approach to working with others is a grounded and practical approach that naturally arises from respect and compassion for each individual’s life journey and awareness of their own agency.

Her greatest joy in life is the unexpected moments of meeting in authentic connection and we know at least for a moment that all is right in our world.

"I believe that ID work gives us the means to radically explore ourselves and our world.  It is a format that capitalizes on our innate human connectedness to reflect parts and histories of each other that operate underneath conscious awareness and as a result unknowingly impact the quality of our daily life and relationships." 
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