Dr. Franz Ruppert

Franz Ruppert is Professor of Psychology at Munich University of Applied Sciences, a post he has held since 1992.  He gained his PhD in Work and Organization Psychology at the Technical University of Munich in 1985. 

Since 1995 he has focused on psychotherapeutic work, specifically on the causes of psychosis, schizophrenia and other forms of severe mental illness.  He has combined this with his interest in bonding and attachment theories and modern trauma work in order to understand the effect of traumatic events better, not just for those who suffer the event, but on whole bonding systems such as families. 

He teaches trauma theory at the University of Applied Sciences, works with individuals and facilitates workshops in Germany and many other countries, including the UK. He also teaches the theory and the method at his own institute in Munich. 

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Identity Oriented Psycho Trauma Theory (IoPT)

Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert developed the theories and practice of Identity oriented Psycho Trauma Theory (IoPT) over the last 30 years. This framework was developed using existing theories and experiences gained through individual and group therapy sessions. He has written many books on this topic and currently, six of these books are available in English.[1] "Prof. Dr. Ruppert has devoted his time to understanding the living human organism (LHO), how trauma affects the whole LHO and how to recover from the effect of trauma to gain a healthy self and a healthy will, despite traumatisation." [1] Healing from either physical or mental disorders needs a goal. According to Prof. Dr. Ruppert this "equates to fully and completely living one's own identity, so that we can express and realize what is at the core of our being". In order to be in touch with our own identity we "need a healthy self, a free will and to be in close emotional contact with our body".

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