Marti Hughes


Director of Research

"This work is about the deepest parts of yourself and the challenges, traumas and wounds that have not allowed you to understand who you really are and what you really want."

One of the most important gifts I have experienced as a result of participating over time in the Identity Development Method is the discovery that I no longer hold a belief of needing to fix myself, heal myself or somehow be different in order to have value or be complete.  I had always felt there was some unknown conclusion with an end point to attain.  Discovering the beauty of being complete in my incompleteness brought breath to my body and peace to my mind!  I am now able to honestly feel and experience myself which means I am able to feel and experience others and the world in a completely different way.   We are not a finite project with an end result!  We are a never-ending mystery of depths to be explored and parts to celebrate.   

I am grateful for the many gifts of the Identity Development Method and the opportunity for professional growth with the Institute.  As I have experienced more and more of myself opportunities have come my way.   I find myself unexpectedly enjoying roles as a Workshop Facilitator, an Instructor, a Continuing Education Liaison and more recently stepping in as Director in the newly orchestrated research program.  

Research is the opportunity to bring greater individual and societal awareness and acceptance to Identity Development Method and IoPT.  Greater awareness and acceptance will lead to widespread individual, familial and societal shifts in our relational perception of self and other.  I am truly excited to bring forth my experience and skills gained over many years of public and private social service and business development employment.  

We live in a world that thrives on separation.  Individually and systemically, we project our separation traumas and victim and perpetrator behaviors onto others creating a never-ending cycle of being hurt and traumatized and subsequently hurting and traumatizing others out of our own pain and suffering.  Our society values and rewards us for continuing this cycle and we do so unknowingly at the expense of our individual and societal health and well-being.  Imagine what it would be like to live with yourself, your family and your society where all your parts are welcomed and invited in to be in relationship with self, other and life. 

We are at an incredible and exciting moment in time and have the ability through exploring and engaging in Research to tip the scales of our society, our institutions and our world towards wholeness, peace, harmony, kindness, joy and respect for life.

I look forward to meeting you, in one of our Research projects, in a training module or at a stand-alone workshop!  Together we can create a more loving world.