Alyssa Canann


Instructor & Director of Training

"This work is about the deepest parts of yourself and the challenges, traumas and wounds that have not allowed you to understand who you really are and what you really want."

When I came to this work I wasn’t looking for anything. I had no interest in yet another healing modality promising the solution to all life’s problems. I wasn’t seeking to add an arrow to my coaching quiver. I had been invited by a trusted friend, and showed up to support her. I was curious, of course, but without any agenda or expectation.

It wasn’t clear what was offered, nothing was promised, and again, I wasn’t looking for anything. What I found knocked me sideways. Simply observing and resonating in a daylong event, I encountered deep aspects of myself in a milieu of seemingly effortless self-acceptance.

The invitation was to know myself more deeply, more kindly, more thoroughly, and to experience where that might lead – all without any agenda to fix, complete, expand, liberate, or heal – no spiritual or psychological surgery was on offer.

Without any intention of becoming a facilitator or using the ID method in my coaching practice, I signed up for Facilitator Training. The experience was and continues to be a journey into and with my “I”, coming to know, love, and delight in all of who I am, which in turn deepens my connection with family and community. No caveats.

After graduating, I discovered that facilitating is its own form of self-meeting, offering both ongoing reward and challenge.  Leading and supporting others as an ID Instructor is the same. It is wonderful to do work that supports me simultaneously as it supports others.

As Director of Training, I work with students, facilitators and instructors. Together, we deepen our understanding of both the ID theory and practice. It’s fun! And an ongoing opportunity to delight in meeting myself and others.

Hope to see you in class or in community!