Anarah Sharif


Instructor & Director of Graduate Programs 

"This work is about the deepest parts of yourself and the challenges, traumas and wounds that have not allowed you to understand who you really are and what you really want."

My journey with the ID Institute and learning the theory and practice of Iopt has been a journey of deepening into myself and learning how to be in a loving relationship with myself. 

I’ve been a seeker since I can remember, meditation was my natural go to, as an escape and antidote to emotional pain from very early on in my life. Many personal development programs later I was looking for a modality that would give me more access to parts work, this was primarily to add to and enhance the modalities I use in Coaching Practice. I was introduced to IDentity development work by a friend and it was an immediate fit for me. 

I realize that this work helps me access the earliest of traumas, for myself and my clients. We are able to see, understand and emotionally connect with these pre verbal parts that have held our pain and have silently limited our ability to experience ourselves fully. By making this contact internally, the psyche is strengthened and enlivened in a way I haven’t experienced or seen before.

I absolutely believe in this work and see among other things the way our attachment styles shift from insecure attachment to secure attachment. Being able to facilitate this change is life changing for many of us. I’m committed to overseeing the development of programs that the Institute can offer to support the current Facilitator Training program. I look forward to developing more programs in the future that are viable options for people to immerse themselves in this exciting cutting edge methodology.

iD sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. But we are strong advocates of therapy and work closely with many therapists and other certified practitioners.