Karla Coglizer

Director of Community Relations

Upon completing my Masters in Counseling and Education, I was competent with theories and history, diagnoses and testing, but graduated with very few practical tools. I wasn’t sure what to actually do or say to clients to offer relief and help them feel better.


During my 15 or so years in counseling, student services and coaching, I assisted thousands of people in moving forward toward their goals. I crafted my practice with attention to outcomes, noting which interventions worked, or didn’t. I learned to ask questions, as the client always has more answers than I do. I learned that being uncomfortable often results in growth. I learned that humans are complex and multidimensional in a way that our current science does not yet understand.


In spring 2020, when we all struggled to find any sense of normalcy, any consistency, any sense of human connection, I was invited to be the Subject in an ID Session and participated fully.  While I cannot analyze or articulate what I learned, I simply felt better.


As I continued participating in ID Work, my emotions became easier to name and to understand. My relationships clarified. My core identity began to emerge from under the layers of societal and familial rules, norms, and expectations. I stumbled upon a practical tool that offers relief. As a bonus, I found a community of people willing to be vulnerable, honest, and accepting.


As Director of Community Relations for the Institute, I am committed to expanding the impact of ID Work, making it accessible across all backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems. Healing and growing within a community is a profound experience of connection, commitment, and open-heartedness. As we understand ourselves better, we can transfer more joy and love to the rest of the world.


If you'd like to reach Karla, please email her at:

[email protected]

iD sessions are not therapy, nor a substitute for therapy. But we are strong advocates of therapy and work closely with many therapists and other certified practitioners.